You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the hidden cat in the street in less than six seconds

ONLY those with perfect vision are able to spot the cat in this fiendishly difficult optical illusion.

In front of homes on a quiet residential street, a small cat is hiding amongst grass and garage entrances.

Can you spot the cat in less than six seconds?


Can you spot the cat in less than six seconds?Credit: jagranjosh

It’s said those who can find the small feline in less than 6 seconds have perfect vision – and may even have a high IQ.

If you have good attention to detail, it may be easier for you to spot the cat.

While you search for the elusive kitten, why not try some of our other cat-themed optical illusions?

TikTokers have struggled to spot the hidden white cat named Goose in this mind boggling photo.

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The cute cat has a knack for finding perfect hiding spots, and her latest choice has proved difficult to find.

We previously challenged you to find Goose amongst the pile of clothes and messy closet.

Why not try your hand at this tricky brainteaser which is challenging Brits to spot the cat amongst the humans – and the time to beat is just 4 seconds.

You might just have twenty-twenty vision if you can spot the missing cat hidden in the woods in less than eight seconds.

This optical illusion could have you scratching your hair out as you try and identify the fourth cat hiding somewhere within the image.

Elsewhere, a feline hiding in a family’s living room has baffled even the most hawk-eyed puzzlers.

Whatever you see first in this optical illusion reveals whether you’re sensitive or morally strong.

A puzzle master explained that there are two ways to look at the black and white image, with the first being that it’s simply a bit of smoke in the area. 

Lastly, a mind-boggling optical illusion has captured the attention of puzzle lovers everywhere.

If you too are eager to test your perception, try and find the snake in this optical illusion.

Time’s up for your search in this optical illusion – if you didn’t find the cat in time, don’t worry – we’ve put the answer below.

Take a closer look in the centre of the photo, where the first driveway begins to go downward.

You’ll see a little head with two eyes poking up to say hello.

The tiny kitten can be seen peering over the ledge


The tiny kitten can be seen peering over the ledgeCredit: jagranjosh

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