Thomas Frank hits out at decision to award Newcastle penalty and expects apology from PGMOL

Thomas Frank hits out at the decision to award Newcastle their match-winning penalty and says he expects an apology from PGMOL.

The Brentford manager was left reeling with the officials after falling to a 1-0 defeat away at Newcastle on Saturday evening.

The defeat came via a Callum Wilson penalty which Thomas Frank feel shouldn’t have been given to the hosts, as you can see in his interview below.


‘First and foremost, I think we played a very good game. I think everyone knows it’s very difficult to come here,’ he said. ‘The way we performed was very impressive.

‘I think it was an even game where we could have won it. That’s why it’s very frustrating when it’s decided on a decision that I think is wrong.

‘Normally, I never complain about penalties. This time, I think it was a wrong decision. It was an on-field decision, if they hadn’t reffed it, the VAR wouldn’t have overturned that one.

‘We got told when a similar decision happened against Tottenham, when the goalkeeper’s coming out and he has contact with the player, but pulling out just before, then it shouldn’t be a penalty. That’s what we got told three, four weeks ago.

‘I’m very sure when this goes to the panel of refs, Howard Webb will come back and say “Sorry, it was not a penalty”. That will be even more frustrating. We do our best. I demand a big character from my players today, they showed it.

‘I always demand big character from the refs in a situation like this. This is a fantastic home crowd with a fantastic atmosphere, but they affect the decisions.

‘In my opinion, it’s not a penalty. It happens, it’s not the first time there’s a wrong decision in the world. We need to look at the performance, and the performance was very good.’

Speaking to the media, as per The Chronicle on Twitter, Frank said: “It’s so rare that I complain about it because I think ‘ok, it’s human beings, they make mistakes, we all make mistakes’ so that happened.

“Mark pulled out before. Not a penalty. [Anthony] Gordon cleverly leaves his leg hanging and then it’s not the ref who’s give it, it’s the linesman and he needs to be absolutely bang on 100% sure if you want to decide an even game between two teams that gave each other a fantastic game and fight.

“I’m pretty sure that Howard Webb will come back to us and say sorry, we made a mistake.”

Newcastle saw a goal chalked off just five minutes just before the controversial penalty was awarded, but still, Frank was still unhappy as can be seen in the videos above.

Player ratings (as per Sky Sports)

Newcastle: Pope (7), Trippier (7), Botman (7), Schar (7), Burn (7), Longstaff (7), Anderson (7), Guimaraes (7), Barnes (7), Gordon (7), Wilson (8).

Subs: Almiron (6).

Brentford: Flekken (5), Hickey (6), Pinnock (6), Mee (6), Collins (6), Henry (7), Norgaard (6), Jensen (7), Janelt (6), Wissa (5), Mbeumo (6).

Subs: Roerslev (6), Schade (6), Onyeka (6), Maupay (6), Lewis-Potter (6).

Player of the match: Callum Wilson

Newcastle manager Eddie Howe, speaking to BBC Sport, said: “Big result for us. Difficult game today, knew it was gonna be. Brentford are a difficult team to play against. It wasn’t a game of many chances didn’t think, thankfully we got the important goal we needed.

“I don’t think we were in full rhythm today but that’s what Brentford do, they disrupt you. It was a bitty game for us, we had to set-pieces right, crosses right and defensively I was very pleased with us today.”

On Elliot Anderson and Harvey Barnes: “I think they did really well. I’m happy Elliot got to start today because he deserved it. Harvey came into the team, performed well. They both did well in the international break and I have no problem putting them in.”

On the penalty decision: “I have got no idea to be honest, I didn’t see it at the time and I haven’t seen it since.”

On goalscorer Callum Wilson’s new contract: “He is a leader in the group, a vocal presence, a positive guy and a goalscorer. Put them together and he’s very important so I’m very happy he’s staying with us.”

Twitter users reacted as Thomas Frank hits out at the decision to award Newcastle a penalty in Saturday’s Premier League fixture and expects an apology from PGMOL…

@TomCutter10: And what about the legit goal that was chalked off… and also the second peno that debatable if it should have been given in the first place.. but once it was… it should have stood… why did var ask the ref to look again when it wasn’t a clear and obvious error

@iamcraigross: Some bad things being said about Thomas Frank. Personally I can’t fault him in this interview. He’s a very frustrated but also aware in football you have to be clever to get 3pts. His team looked very well organised. They’ll do well this season. #NUFC #ThomasFrank

@titan_toon: I can’t really disagree with anything that he says in this clip – considered, measured, reflective. Of course he should be unhappy his team lost – we’d expect Eddie to be the same if the result was reversed. Just be happy we won and let the opposition stew in their misery. HTL.

@Johnhuntertoon: Facts are he’s a sore looser , the ball was going out the keeper didn’t need to go into Gordon 100% pen along with Wilson goal that should of stood , keeper had a mare

@Proc2021: I’m expecting an apology as to why a good goal was disallowed for an invisible foul….but that’s var. get over it Thomas

@MattyTJW: He’s not wrong necessarily. Gordon’s looked for it and got the reward, clever from him. I get his frustration though, they came and played well

@CoolioGeordie: This guy. 😩😩

@mattcabb82: The officials gave them every chance. Second pen was correctly ruled as a clear and obvious error. Don’t think it was a pen. Wilson’s first goal should’ve stood. The pen he scored was a pen. What a bitter little man.


@AdrianWalker50: Are there any Thomas Frank comments about the ‘goal’ that was disallowed?

@SteveDo54628751: Its a penalty, but the ref was so bad today, so no wonder he is angry. The dissalowed goal for the foul on the keeper is incredible. Just a disgrace really

@kevmarsden2: I agree. The ref got all the major decisions wrong. Gave the 1st pen, which was harsh. Didn’t give the 2nd pen, which was definite handball. Disallowed a goal, which was in no way a foul. Not to mention his lack of control and very strange decisions throughout. Awful referee.

@japangeordie: The keeper doesn’t get the ball and takes Gordon out. The big question Mr Frank needs to ask himself is why the keeper was even attempting getting the ball.

@mjh100: Was a soft pen. But the apology will probably come at the same time ours will for ruling our wilsons 1st.

@smurt132: What about the perfectly good goal that was disallowed you melt

@JordanRobson: So do we get an apology for the incorrectly disallowed goal.. another manager really starting to get on my nerves.. #NUFC

@JonnyJMW90: I don’t disagree with him. The ref was shocking, but we shouldn’t have had a goal disallowed. VAR overturning it makes it even more scandalous 😂 Gordon’s pen was soft, but probably evens out with the handball pen that wasn’t given. Amongst many poor inconsistent calls #NUFC

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