Oldham sack their manager after going winless in seven games

Oldham Athletic sack their manager David Unsworth after going winless in seven games to leave them sitting third from bottom.

The Latics parted company with the ex-Everton caretaker following their dismal start to the National League campaign, made worse after Saturday’s 3-0 defeat at Bromley.

His side had only picked up one win in nine matches, and majority of the supporters lost patience with him calling for him to go.


Following 12 months in his position as first-team manager, Oldham Athletic can confirm it has parted company with David Unsworth.

After a strong finish to the 2022/2023 season, a sizeable investment in the playing budget and some highly promising signings during the summer, the start of the current campaign has unfortunately not met the expectations of the club.

Following the takeover of Oldham Athletic by the Rothwell family in July 2022, it has been one of their main principles to stay out of the day-to-day running of football activities within the business and provide stability for the long-term survival of the club.

David signed for three seasons, to bring stability on the playing front, but despite the hard work and dedication of David and his coaching team, results have not worked out on the pitch.

The club can confirm that Steve Thompson will take interim charge of first-team matters while a recruitment process is conducted.

“It’s tough to take,” said David Unsworth, as per Oldham Chronicle, after the game.

“For what it’s worth I apologise to the fans coming down, it’s nowhere near the level we need or want to be, and it was a tough, long afternoon.

“The goals were really poor, individual errors for all three really.

“It’s going to be a difficult afternoon enough without gifting them three goals. We’ve gifted a decent team at this level three goals today and it makes it a long, long way back, especially going in at half-time with the goals we conceded.

“You’re hoping to get back into the game early in the second half, you make changes, but it was a tough afternoon.”

Unsworth on making three changes to the side that picked up a goalless draw at home to Dorking last weekend: “Two were forced, Norwood has been ill for the majority of the week, Brennan (Dickenson) has had a personal issue that he’s had to attend to for most of the week.

“There are no excuses, we were second best today and that’s the biggest disappointment of it all.

“I think in all of the games that we’ve come up a little bit short we’ve had great opportunities but today, no.

“I’ll defend my players always but unfortunately as a group we came up short today.”

On upcoming games against York and Oxford City, Unsworth added: “You’ve just got to keep going, you’ve got to quickly dust yourselves down and go again.

“You’ve got to be a man and stand up and you’ve got to take what the fans are dishing out at us at the moment because they have every right to do that.

“We’ve got to step up. We’ve all got to take our responsibility and that includes the players and myself.

“I’ll stand in front and I’ll say it’s all my responsibility. Everything is my responsibility.

“I said at the very beginning I will always shoulder that, and when the players perform and do well they enjoy that.

“I don’t (revel) in the glory, I want to put it on the players, and I’m so desperate for this group of players to do well.

“We’ve got a game Tuesday, a game Saturday – big games, massive games for us, for the club, for everyone, and we’ve got to show the resilience and the mental toughness and the self confidence to win those two games.

“I’ll stand up and be counted, I just need a few people to follow me.”

This is how social media users reacted as Oldham sack their manager after going winless in seven games…

@oafc_pro: Feel bad for all involved. Don’t doubt the choice was made in good faith and that DU gave it everything he had. Right choice in the end. The next appointment is huge, we have to try and salvage this season. #oafc

@bourney84: We’ve just wasted 12 months on an absolute chancer, a PE teacher and a media trained salesman… Please put some proper thought into the next appointment the rest of this league will be shitting themselves when we get going

@johnclarke1981: No doubt that decision had to be made. Disappointing for all concerned it went so badly. Get the next one right and put this nightmare behind us. COYB #oafc

@JessReevex: Pack the park on Tuesday night now, no excuses! we’ve got what we wanted. Time to get behind the boys and the Rothwells! #oafc

@owdhamedge: Frank spent a lot of time talking and listening to supporters yesterday. I think this is the right decision. The next decision is a big one. Sad for DU but it couldn’t go on. Some unwanted symmetry for him. Topped and tailed his time with a 3-0 reverse at Bromley. #oafc

@JontyWilliams74: He’s been put out of his misery and not before time. Turgid, boring football and inexplicable tactics. The results and league position speak for themselves. Fans never took to him personally either. #oafc #bbcfootball

@PeterFi22102940: I don’t like to see anyone lose their job but I’m sure he will be financially rewarded for his failure…..I’d like to see Pete Wild back but I can’t see it happening sadly

@aaronhow177: Fresh start for the players under a new manager too. The squad while a bit unbalanced has BAGS of talent. Let’s see what a proper manager can do. Exciting times again #oafc

@petrillog89: Thank you to the board for listening and making this right decision. Please get the next one right and we will back whomever in numbers once again #oafc

@Sco77yR: Wanted it to work out, i know he wanted to succeed so much. Sadly it just hasn’t, wish him the best, but it’s the right call to make. Next appointment really important now #oafc

@loud_MM91: I think that’s a really good statement from the club. He seems like a genuinely nice bloke and don’t wish him ill going forward in hid career. It just wasn’t working out and absolutely had to change. This next appointment is so crucial

@DaveRagg: Thank fuck for that #oafc

@themantonhoward: Shame it hasn’t worked out. Seems like a nice guy, wish him the best for the future, but ultimately nowhere near good enough and was absolutely the correct decision, if a little too late

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