Iran Def. Min. Issues Ultimatum To Iraq Over Failure To Uphold Security Deal

General Mohammadreza Ashtiani, the Iranian Minister of Defense, emphasized the Iran-Iraq agreement aimed at disarming and expelling terrorists from the Kurdistan Region.

He asserted: “We will adhere strictly to the agreed timeline, and our actions will be prompt as per the terms of the agreement.”

Addressing Iraq’s actions, the Defense Minister commented: “While some progress has been made, we will thoroughly assess the situation and make a decision within the agreed timeframe.”

Iraq and Iran signed a border security agreement in March, a move Iraqi officials said was aimed primarily at tightening the frontier with Iraq’s Kurdish region, where Tehran says armed Kurdish dissidents pose a threat to its security.

Tasnim news agency quoted an informed source as saying on Friday the anti-Iranian opposition parties have accepted the Iraqi Kurdistan Region’s call for them to disarm and get out of the border strip between Iran and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

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