I’m An Expert In Anti-Ageing: Boost Collagen And Banish Wrinkles With These Three Foods

AN ANTI-AGEING expert has revealed the three foods she and her mum swear by to keep the skin looking glowy and wrinkle-free.

Ava took to social media to share her mum’s worst-kept beauty secret.

Ava shared her mum’s top three foods to eat for glowy, wrinkle-free skinCredit: tiktok.com/@glowwithava

Fish was a top priority as it's full of anti-ageing collagen

Fish was a top priority as it’s full of anti-ageing collagenCredit: tiktok.com/@glowwithava

Ava said: “Three foods my mom eats every day for Jello skin.

“Fish is her favorite source of protein, she likes grilled fish the most, and when she eats it, she makes sure to eat all parts of the fish down to the bones to get all the collagen she can.”

Collagen has been proven to help slow down the ageing process and reduce the look of wrinkles.

Marine collagen, from fish, is one of the most effective types of collagen you can consume.

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She also recommended eating seaweed every single day as it was full of vitamins that aid the skin.

“It has a ton of vitamins and minerals and vitamin B12,” she revealed.

Finally, she recommended adding radish to your diet regularly.

“Radish is an amazing detox food for its anti-inflammatory benefits,” Ava explained.

You can add it to kimchi or use it blended to make amazing dressings out of it.

The clip posted to her account @glowwithava soon went viral with over 450k views and over 39k likes.

People were quick to ask the duo for the best recipes to incorporate the foods into their diets.

One person wrote: “More seaweed, Roger that!”

Another commented: “Share one of the radish dressing recipes!!”

“Recipe for the soup please,” penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: “I’d love some of her recipes!”

“Can you give the radish pasta sauce recipe pls,” asked a fifth.

Ava replied: “She mixed radish, peaches, and some garlic, and soba sauce and used it over noodles/soba!”

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Someone else added: “Please show us how to cook that delicious fish.”

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Seaweed also has lots of vitamins and minerals that are great for the skin

Seaweed also has lots of vitamins and minerals that are great for the skinCredit: tiktok.com/@glowwithava

Radish is great for anti-inflammation

Radish is great for anti-inflammationCredit: tiktok.com/@glowwithava

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