“I Would Say…” – AB de Villiers Picks Best Finisher Between Him And MS Dhoni

Former South African skipper AB de Villiers picked the best finisher between him and MS Dhoni. He cheekily quipped his name but was quick to correct that Chennai Super Kings skipper is best and he’s happy to give him the credit he deserves. 

The game of cricket has seen many staggering finishers who have changed the complexion of the game within a few overs and even have won many games for their team. Out of all those, two standout players who have mastered the art of finishing are MS Dhoni and AB de Villiers. 

Both MS Dhoni and AB de Villiers have been two of the greatest players that have played the game. The two keeper-batters changed the dynamics of the game with the way they batted. They both batted below No.4 for most of their careers and the amount of runs they piled up speaks about the volumes of their caliber as players. 

Often many fans and pundits have drawn comparisons between them and there have been many debates related to them. Who is the best finisher among the two is something that will have millions of different responses with some going with MS Dhoni and some with AB de Villiers. 

AB de Villiers now himself has opened up about who is the best finisher among the duo. He didn’t shy away from naming MS Dhoni better than him. He said that the way he won the World Cup 2011 for India will be engraved in his mind. Speaking during Q & A session on his social media, he explained: 

“Obviously me (laughs).On a serious note. No, I would say definitely MS Dhoni. I love watching him play. The things he has pulled off in the past… I think of that 2011 World Cup – hitting that straight six to win the World Cup. That will be engraved in my mind forever. MS has done it so many times in all formats of the game.” 

I say MS Dhoni is the best finisher – AB de Villiers 

AB de Villiers further settled the debate of best finisher, saying that MS Dhoni is the best. He hailed the keeper-batter as a role model for many young cricketers, who should play like him. He explained: 

“There’s always been a big debate over who’s the best finisher – me or him? We can settle it now – I say MS is the best finisher. I am very happy to give credit where credit is due. For CSK in the T20s and IPL and for India in all formats of the game – just a fantastic person, just a fantastic man. 

“A great role model for all cricket players around the world. I think especially of the kids and the youngsters – play more like him because he never played all these fancy shots. Play like MS – in the V. Once you have settled that, you can move on to the fancy shots.” 

MS Dhoni is one of the best finishers in the game of cricket. He played 90 Test matches, scoring 4876 runs with six centuries and 33 fifties at an average of 38.09. Apart from that he amassed 10773 runs in 350 ODIs, with 10 tons and 73 half-centuries, and made 1617 runs in 98 T20Is.

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