Every word from Ten Hag’s press conference

As we have Rasmus now, we know Marcus can make the most out of anything. He had a fantastic goalscoring return last year. How have conversations gone with him about how maybe he needs to transform his game in order to help Rasmus with the sort of service that he needs?
“Yes, absolutely. How can the two can benefit from each other. But, they have to know each other and that process just started. At the same time we need results and they go hand in hand. We learn from every training and from every game, and of course we reflect with the togetherness. We lead that, as coaching staff and also we have seen that Rasmus [Hojlund] and Rashy are talking about how they can benefit from each other. You can see that discuss and that the inter-action is happening on the pitch, it is going on. That is a good sign and I’m sure that connection – I think that connection is already there – but I think they will get the routines in.”

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