Every word from part one of Erik ten Hag’s pre-Brighton press conference

Obviously, Harry has said as well he is able to cope with the criticism, the scrutiny, the abuse. On a day-to-day basis, as I say, being here and around him, how do you see him dealing with that?
“Good. But this is also unjustified to his career. It’s a great career and it has a lot to come. He has to block it by good performances.”

Hi Erik, how much do you feel like something of a father figure to these players with all the management you have to do around them. It’s not just what they are doing on the training pitch is it?
“No. It’s also you live with this generation and about [forming a] team construction, the group dynamic, but it is always about the team. [The] team is ahead of everything else and, in the team, everyone plays a different role. [You have] different characters and you have to manage those characters, but also, as I said, the team is always above anything else.”

We know you can have a very strict line sometimes, but do you stick to that with these players? Or have you been able to give a little bit more leeway to others?
“Yeah but the straight line is not the point. The club asked me because there was no good culture before I entered last season. To set some standards, and that’s what I did. It’s my job to control the standards and, of course, it’s never has been when one person just makes one mistake, there is a whole process before you come to a certain outcome about straight lines. If staff, players, or whoever, there will always be a structure to cross lines, you have to be strong, absolutely.”

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